Sunday, April 03, 2011

Harbajan cried! Yuvaraj choked!

I could sense some tear drops that lingered on my eyes. They did not roll down on my cheeks. I let it like that till the tears dried out. My eyes felt fresh.

This happened immediately after Dhoni hit the winning shot to claim the Cricket worldcup. The way Yuvaraj hugged his captain and did not release the pressure for a full one minute conveyed so many emotions that the entire nation felt simultaneously.

Even as I am composing this blog post, I relive the same emotion shamelessly though I think it is indecent to feel so happy when the other nation SriLanka is feeling the pain of having lost the game to India.

Then, there was a fierce hug of Gary Kirsten by Yuvaraj (see image) that conveyed the India's pride and gratitude to the coach.

I appreciated immensely Virat Kholi's frank reply to a question on why he carried Tendulkar on his shoulders.

Harbajan cried! Yuvaraj choked when Ravi Sastri interviewed him. Tendulkar had tough time in curtailing his tears.

Thank you Indian cricket team for giving so much to us that we all will carry to our grave.

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