Monday, April 18, 2011

Things that hurt me recently.

I pride myself as a cool person. I don't allow myself to get hurt but then... I also allow exceptions involuntarily.

Sailing in the same boat-eh?

Events, news that hurt me recently:
* Shaid Afridi's unnecessary remarks on India. Would he have said all that had he won?
* CSK's defeat against Punjab team in spite of scoring big. What a poor bowling by Aswin and Morkel!
* I expected a very big support for Anna Hazare. The world media covered but the Indian media was partial according to me.
*Athlete Sonu Sinha's loss of leg
* The arrest of a few Pakistanis by the Pakistan Government for cheering Indian cricket team during the World Cup semi final at Mohali

Oh, I counted 4 more points. However, let me stop now.

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