Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ran out of fuel on the highway?

Yesterday, my son spoke to more than 25 minutes about how Norwegian people are kind and ready to help anyone who is stranded on the middle of a highway.

As many as 5 cars approached a truck that broke down and there was only the driver. In India, the driver always takes a cleaner with him as a handyman.

My son was in one of the 5 cars that volunteered to help out. He took the opportunity to tell his Norwegian colleagues about America’s number one breakdown service provider who acts as a God to stranded vehicles such as cars, trucks and motor homes.

Not only this emergency roadside assistance safely tows the broke down vehicle to the nearest service center irrespective of the distance but also offers help to vehicles who have run out of gas!

When he told his Norwegian colleagues that Good Samers even sends a locksmith if you got yourself locked in the car, they stared at him with their moths and eyes wide open.

I think he planted a business idea in their minds.

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