Thursday, February 01, 2007

This a widgets treasure box.

Widgetbox is the leader in creating a web widget marketplace that provides widgets for use with blogs, social networks, auctions and web pages.

Though I am not a fan of widgets, I can always appreciate one when I see it.

There are plenty of widgets in widgets box.
The categories are blogosphere, communication, fun and games, information and money makers.

I was indeed curious about, yes, you guessed it correct, The Money Makers widget.
There are a few on eBay power selling and all that. And the one I previewed was about 'Start your online coaching service on your blog and make money out of it'. This is called WDeal.

It said, "Our widget allows you to stick a “call me” button directly onto your blog in order for knowledge-seekers to get connected to you in just a click".

"WDeal is a social marketplace that enables individuals to Search, Buy, and Sell real-time services online via voip conversations".

I am ashamed to admit my ignorance about using widgets but I know many of readers will thank me for this introduction.

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