Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Google's new tool for webmasters.

Which webmaster or blogger is not interested in finding out how many links are pointing to their website or blog?

In fact this has been their main activity all day long but a tedious one really.
Now Google releases a new link reporting tool, a new support allowing you to view and even download thousands of links to your site.

You still won't get absolutely all the links Google knows about. In particular, links to any of your pages contained in Google's supplemental index won't be shown. But despite this, the amount of links reported will likely be massive compared to the "regular" link lookup command.

"Webmasters have been wanting more comprehensive link data from us for a long time," said Vanessa Fox, product manager for Google Webmaster Central. "We created Webmaster Central to communicate better with webmasters and we take their feedback very seriously. We have been looking at ways to provide this data and are ecstatic to make it available."

Source: Search Engine land

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