Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new encryption technology.

This is one of my favorite subject.

I keep abreast of latest developments in the encryption technology by reading several technology websites and blogs.

One of the latest developments in encryption technology is the so-called geo-encryption or geoencryption. It was developed by Dorothy Denning, PhD, a cryptology expert who designed location-based encryption in the wake of 9/11. In a nutshell, it allows information to be transmitted fully encrypted from the sender to the recipient.

It can only be decrypted upon arrival at a specific destination, which can be located by GPS, which is short for Global Positioning System (Takahashi, 2005). While this technology is quite new, has been granted a patent, and looks really promising, it has been receiving accolades as well as sour notes, especially from the e-commerce players. GPS itself is a already widely used as an automobile navigational tool, which was first developed by the government in 1978 to pinpoint exact location of a particular object.

Courtesy: Jennie S. Bev

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