Friday, January 26, 2007

The three (R)s of Jamaica.

And those are Reggae, Rum and Red sunset.

Reddish sparkles of light anoint Jamaican sunsets with a magical allure of tropical paradise. Beautiful beaches ring the island and numerous waterfalls call visitors to the lush island hills.

The famous James Bond beach is on the north end of the island in Ocho Rios, close to what was the home of his creator, Ian Fleming.

One can stay in a blue mountain resort located in Strawberry Hill. Occupying the flat top and steep sides of a standalone mountain, this secluded Blue Mountain resort 15 km (9 mi) northeast of Kingston features views of the city and harbor from 945m (3,100 ft) up.

What welcome you are a 19th century, Georgian-style airy cottages, and a full-service Aveda Concept Spa, with elaborate botanical gardens and a gourmet restaurant serving New Jamaican cuisine.

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