Sunday, January 28, 2007

A freelance blog creator.

This blog was created by a Canadian whom I consider as just an online acquaintance.

But I was impressed by his communication and paid him his fees to create this blog. I was a sub zero in that time in blog creation. All I could do was to make a blog post that too splashed with grammar mistakes.

But over these past several months, I think I have become sort of sort of an expert in creating a blog with

Yesterday, my friend's wife came to my house seeking my help to create a blog for her. You know what happened, I created it in less than 3 minutes. Don't you think I can launch myself a freelance blog creator and charge a small sum like my Canadian contact?

But no, this knowledge is given to me by God and I shall forever offer my skill free of charge.
I can also now give serious coaching in blog promotion and blog tools.

Thank you God!

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