Monday, January 22, 2007

Akshaya Thrithi- a festival in India.

This festival is somewhat special in India mostly welcome by women and dreaded by men.

Yes, there is a belief among Indians that if one buys some precious metal for however insignificant value on this day, then they are likely to buy gold or silver throughout the year.

Some belief!

Cashing in on this, precious metals merchants and nationalized bank gear themselves up fully and entice the public with offers of discount, installment purchase and other added gifts.

Most of the famous gold shops will witness a queue in front of them to buy gold as coins or as ornaments. The craze will go on till late in the evening and the next day will be reserved for showing around their proud purchases.

I think, Monex too can seize this opportunity and set up a store here. When the entire American people can trust them as honest and dependable, why not we?

I think women of India are thinking beyond profits to better secured investments.

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