Saturday, January 27, 2007

The success story of Simmons, Jannace & Stagg.

Behind the success of simmons jannace & stagg, I don’t find any woman but I could attribute several other factors such as a set of high legal ethics, understanding the needs of the clients, employing alternative dispute resolution techniques and earning a peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell.

If you are new to Martindale-Hubbell, the Martindale Directory and Hubbell's Legal Directory’s purpose was "to furnish to lawyers, bankers, wholesale merchants, manufacturers, real estate agents, and all others the address of one reliable law firm, one reliable bank, and one reliable real estate office in every city in the United States.

Also one more important factor for their reputation, this firm provides guidance in choosing a business form and has organized corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other legal entities throughout the U.S., as well as negotiated and prepared joint venture agreements and buy/sell agreements.

No wonder several fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc are their clients.

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