Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is that extra you need when visiting Paris?

Whether you are a first time visitor to Paris or a repeat visitor, you would certainly swear that finding the best paris luxury apartments is a near impossible task because just about every travel guide, every hotel directory and every offline ad would promise nothing but luxury only to disappoint you when you enter the premises.

My son who visited Paris last year recounted his bitter experience while searching for a serviced apartment. Paris is one place where luxury has more meanings. Similar to an HTML tag that has many attributes, the Parisians attribute several measures to the word luxury.

The foremost of them is ‘pamper’. Anyone would instantly agree that he would feel like a celebrity if he is pampered by the hotel staff, the maitre d, and the chief chef or accompanied by a well dressed guide to show you around the city of luxury.

Our preferences have changed while on travel. We prefer a fully serviced vacation apartment with a guide thrown in as a bonus for a hotel room.

I have compiled a list of the best of luxury apartments in Paris. Email me if you need it.

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