Friday, April 19, 2013

Phoenix Market City Chennai-a mini review.

It was interesting survey that I eagerly volunteered to answer a few questions.My son took me to the newest shopping mall in Madras called 'Phoenix Market City'. I heard it was opened only a few months before. No wonder the tiles are still slippery.

The interior of the shopping mall looks spacious when compared to other malls in Madras. It is a well thought of design by the architects. In addition, very conveniently located escalators made moving around a breeze.

Most of the swanky apparel companies have opened their outlets in the mall. The 'Diesel' was the first one to attract your attention as it is the first showroom when you enter the mall.

Big Bazar has occupied a large space. Walking around it, I felt my legs started protesting. Like most of the shopping malls in India, the billing counters were poorly manned and the POS frequently go out of order.

The parking space is huge and the entry and exit was hassle free. While most of the space was already rented out or sold, the mall's website is still not completed.

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