Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roll-a-bout is an amazing mobility solution.

You can call me as creativity handicapped. Let me explain. I have this problem of understanding something from a picture. For example, I could not figure out how a roll-a-bout is used if you show me a picture of it.

My sister’s friend living in U.K. lost the user of her left leg. Let me not go into the details. Painful memories! She sent me a picture of her with a roll-a-bout. Though I pretended that I understood, I discreetly searched for a video clip in YouTube. As Google says, I was feeling lucky and I got to watch a short video clip on how a patient used roll-a-bout.

I was amazed! What an invention! Mobility solutions are great inventions that benefit millions of people all over the world. Roll-a-bout is an alternative to clumsy and inconvenient crutches. I wish the Indian orthopedists are aware of roll-a-bout start recommending to their patients.

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