Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How a cigar smoke can be creamy?

I think even wines and beers can’t boast of so many ranges like Rocky Patel cigars. I mean not the price but the variety. Each one assure you the smokers something to relish and remember. A non-smoker like me would not understand the different adjectives such as ‘balance’, ‘flavor’, ‘smooth’ and ‘creamy’ (?) attributed to smoke coming from Dominican tobacco; however, such qualities have been used to be attached to cigars for long.

I think the prices of cigars have skyrocketed over the years but that did not deter cigar lovers obviously. I believe the price increase can be justified due to unbelievable improvement on the packing of cigar and cigar wrappers and boxes. 

Yes, that has undergone a sea of change. I mean cigar boxes mock top chocolate boxes.

In real life, I don’t see people smoking cigars these days but still I come across several web sites dealing with cigars.

I am perplexed.

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