Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is your favorite ebook reader?

Ah, I got the answer to my query. I wanted to know whether ebook readers offer an option to enhance the storage space by inserting a memory card and also are there more options apart from Kindle.

The Source always comes with up what I have in my mind at exactly the right time. It offers several wireless digital information readers that include Sony, HIP Street and Kobo apart from the highly popular Kindle. Yes, I can enhance the storage space with a memory card.

These Wi-Fi ebook readers are getting onto everyone’s wish list. Wireless ebook readers enable you to shop for your favorite ebooks and download instantly for a relaxed reading. Last week, when I was travelling long distance by a bus, I saw as many as 5 co-passengers busy fiddling with ebook readers.

I discreetly peeped in and to my amazement, I saw the girl sitting next to me reading blogs on her ebook reader! 

I am contemplating to buy one. Its price tag of around $100 is affordable by me.

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