Friday, June 08, 2012

New tv stands and mounts for LED and LCD televisions.

Whenever a major sports event is about to take place, you can see several trade shows announcing big discounts in latest flat television models. Television dealers gear up for brisk sales and every dealer would try to garner maximum sales.

Euro 2012 football fever is about to catch all of us. Though I expected a huge crowd at a television and home theater exhibition yesterday, I did not expect to be jostled by unruly crowd. Every stall was filled tv stands with mounts.

Pedestal stands on which huge screen LED TV sets offered more people to stand around. A few years ago, the wall would be proudly hosting the LCD TVs but our style and preference have changed. We too wanted our walls to have stunning paints under which we place the pedestal television stands.

Such a setting looks sophisticated in living rooms-eh?

I noticed something else too at the tradeshow. There were more options as far as the design and style of TV mounts.  For example, look at this adjustable TV pedestal with wheels. It can fit 32 to 50 inches flat television and you can place the television on a height that is convenient to you.

Don’t curtail your visualization of the types of TV mounts by looking at the image below. Please take a moment to click on the tv stands with mounts link above. You would be surprised at the range of TV mounts.

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