Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to remove sun control film?

Ignoring the Government rule to remove the sun control film in cars, I thought I won't be penalized because the visibility was 50$

 However, I was finally caught and coughed up Rs.100 as warning fine. The traffic cop told me, if caught again, I would have to pay Rs.500.

Today, I searched the Internet for doorstep removal of sun control film from my car. There were several listings and all of them uniformly charged Rs.500

As Google says, I was lucky and stumbled on to a do-it-yourself video that demonstrated how to remove the sun control film easily without any expenditure (almost nil).

I was surprised to note that the author of the DIY video was none other than Ajith Edassery, my online friend and founder of, a resourceful blog.

After watching the DIY video, I bought an old style blade for Rs.3 (Rupees three only) and removed the sun protector in just 20 minutes.

Thank you very much Ajith!

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