Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lose weight naturally without side effects.

Lose weight naturally without side effects.
Natural weight loss is not all that complicated. A little of knowledge is enough supported by putting into use of the knowledge.

Pantothenic acid is said to speed up weight loss. Vitamin B5 is chemically known as Pantothenic acid.

This is a fast food era. Even wise people are indifferent to the warnings of fast food. What is the fun ruing when it is too late to realize the harmful effects of eating unnatural food?

What You Need to Know About Vitamin B5:
Vitamin B5 is nature’s gift to us. It is effective in warding off weight gain, acne and even allergies.
In addition, Vitamin B5 is a natural remedy for:
ADD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder)
carpal tunnel syndrome
rheumatoid arthritis
ulcerative colitis
yeast infections

Food sources of vitamin B5 include:
·         Yogurt
·         Lentils
·         Milk
·         Broccoli
·         Whole wheat

I have noticed symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin B5 at times. I immediately go on a whole wheat diet for two days and regain Vitamin B5.  

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