Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flowers that represent spring better.

I was taken aback by the full bloom of springtime flowers in Mettupalayam. I generally see them only further up the Western Ghats but this year, it seemed Bluebottle and Dianthuses (image below) have chosen to spread to bottom of their hilly homes.

I was born and brought up at the foot of majestic Western Ghats and I learned to name several wild flowers as well as springtime flowers that are mercilessly tied together by florists. I hate when flowers are plucked to decorate concrete jungles. I firmly believe flowers lose their cheer when they are put in bottles and jars.

I know I would be scorned by the world of flower lovers but so be it. I understand florists’ job and I appreciate sincerely their sense of color combinations while arranging flowers in a bouquet.

I am madly in love with Dianthuses and Bluebottle  (see below) which is also known as Cornflower. To me, no other flowers represent spring better than Dianthuses and Bluebottle.

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