Monday, April 16, 2012

Body pillows for women chefs.

It must have been 5 years since I turned into a side sleeper from sleeping on my straight back. An unusual gift changed my sleeping style. Two lovely blue colored body pillows gifted by the previous tenant of my house (she actually left behind them) gave me so much comfort that they became my all-night companions, one on each side of me.

I have seen these full length (well almost full length) body pillows in maternity hospitals where they are called pregnancy pillows. I believe they give support to expecting mothers.

What you are seeing here is a body pillow with suede cover which in my opinion has the softest texture and also rich in appearance. Can you believe if I say I have machine washed it over 50 times?

I know hugging a full length body pillow is not a pleasant sight but who cares how I look when I am blissfully sleeping. Women, who are on their legs for several hours a day, would find ultimate comfort in body pillows.

Hmmm… snooooze!

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