Monday, August 29, 2011

Want to keep your Chevy Tracker interior clean?

My sister’s disbelief was genuine when I asked if she would like a gift of chevy tracker custom floor mats for her newly bought Chevy Tracker (see image). For a person living far away from America, my knowledge about foreign cars must have surprised her.
I hid the truth from her that I am no fan of cars. I just wanted to buy a long lasting accessory for her new car and I did my research in the Internet and stumbled on to where I saw custom floor mats for a range of cars that include Audi and BMW, the only two other car names that I am familiar with.
To contrast the dark interior of her new car, I thought grey rubber floor mats would look lovely. Grey color has got that rich appeal to my eyes.
When she accepted my offer, I was more pleased than her.

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