Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have you ever played video games on Sony LCD HD TV?

There is no comparison for sony lcd tvs in my opinion. They simply stand above the crowd. I have been ardent fan of Sony products since several decades. On last March, my son bought a 40 inch (large really) Sony Bravia LCD Television. He bought it at discount rate just a few days before he left for Norway.

He knew that I like watching Tennis, especially Wimbledon tournament. My son also bought a Wi-Fi adaptor to convert the HD television into an Internet TV.

I enjoyed the new TV and was quite glued to it initially. However, I soon got busy when the new academic year started that took me away from the TV for the most part of my days. Now, only my husband uses the Sony LCD TV to play video games.

Surprisingly, the picture quality of the video games is absolutely stunning. The colorful characters are lovely to look at in HD TV.

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