Friday, August 12, 2011

World’s best wedding bands made of rare precious metals.

The image you see here is one of the most beautiful artcarved wedding bands worn by a male who has this uncanny knack of choosing anything that would instantly evoke “wows’ and “ahs”. That is why I selected this man to be my life partner. Oh yes, I am speaking about my husband who would be able to pick out a rare gem even from an ordinary jewelry shop.
He is still wearing this expensive wedding band that is made up of Tungsten! Now, won’t you consider it as rare; as rare as finding an Indian bride who cannot appreciate a rare jewel?
Well, this Artcarved wedding band was bought from a jewelry shop who takes immense pride in their craftsmanship so much so that even if your ring finger’s size is changed, the jewelry shop would either re-size the wedding ring or replace it entirely.
Yes, such confident and proud jewelers still exist but obviously such people must have started their business more than a century ago when sincerity in work was the most preciously valued trait.
Do you want to know the name of this most respected jewelry shop? It is Reeds.

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