Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Touch screen laptops at big discount.

Getting used to touch screen laptops would take time for most of us. I got it all wrong when I took a test demonstration at a computer and accessories exhibition four months ago. Having used the mouse for more than 10 years, the right hand involuntarily reached out for the mouse. I left the exhibition without buying a laptop.

A week before, I was asked to chair a seminar on using computer to teach mathematics for primary class children. Imagine my shock and embarrassment when I was given a touch screen laptop to show my power point presentation that my husband developed for me!

I discreetly exchanged the gadget for a traditional laptop with a mouse pad and a mouse. Yes, I am yet to get used to touch pad operation.

During the seminar itself, I realized that touch screen computers would soon obliterate the traditional computers after watching every other participant handling their touch screen laptops with utmost ease.

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