Saturday, July 23, 2011

The best method to brew Green Tea.

I was not surprised when I heard that green tea stops you from going bald. Articles like these are frequently published in Yahoo! If you were alert and read similar articles on the web site, you might recall green tea works the other way.

Similarly, I have read several times about how coffee help in preventing heart attack and it’s opposite.

I generally don’t take these health advices (unsolicited of course) seriously. I don’t like green tea and I am a coffee lover and would stick to it despite contradictory news about coffee time and again.

Green Tea:

Most people are encouraged to drink green tea after reading articles in the Internet about its positive effects and how it improves blood circulation. I agree Green Tea is good for us but the product we buy from grocery shops is of very low quality.

Green Tea should be brewed like Chine or Japanese to make use of its good qualities.

Watch this video of green tea brewing:

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