Saturday, July 30, 2011

Money swallowing monster.

Why Dish TV is always behaving in unsatisfactory way?
Why do they take so much time to get their customers account credited with recharge amount?

This is a high speed communication era. It takes only a few seconds to let anyone know what you are doing at present and the whole world knows about it instantly.

Online banking transactions are great boon to individuals and corporate bodies. The money is almost immediately debited as soon as you send money to anyone's bank account. But Dish TV alone takes more than 48 hours to acknowledge the receipt of payment.

Earlier, before I stopped receiving their messages on my mobile, as soon as I receive a payment acknowledgement message, I would receive another message asking me to pay my subscription.

In order to cut down such confusing messages, I opted out of their short messaging service.

Yesterday, I transferred the monthly subscription to their account from my ICICI bank account. To my astonishment, my satellite TV service was disconnected. When I called up Dish TV and conveyed my payment details, they said they did not receive it!

I have complaints about Dish TV's technical aspects. But their customer service from administrative side is far from satisfactory.

I am sure my money was swallowed in cyber space by cyber monster.

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