Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cheapest dedicated server.

Believe me; I am so much better when it comes to web hosting, server technology and secured server requirements. It was a tough journey learning it all by myself.

Now, I am able to chose what kind of server is needed for my new website idea, what is the space needed and what bandwidth might be required considering the foreseen traffic etc.

A veteran webmaster that I know who is living in Australia advised me that I should now buy my own dedicated server because I VRE has grown many fold. I now operate 23 blogs, 72 websites besides my blogging training academy.

It seems sensible to buy my dedicated server. However, when I sought information on the subject, I was overwhelmed with what was presented to me by a couple of webmaster forums. It looks like I will have tough time choosing the cheapest dedicated server.

Any advice?

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