Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here is a blog on adsense worth reading.

Don't immediately write it of as one more blog adsense.

Read a few sample blog posts on SEO, monetizing, link popularity and keyword.
You can also find posts on adsense tips.

The blog post on adsense ready websites is a must read for adsense beginners.
Excerpt below:
"What are these Adsense Ready websites? They are nothing but web pages made according to topics so that you can earn money on each topic. My advise to everyone who is planning to earn money with adsense just do your work and target your knowledge if there are visitors to your page then you will earn slowly and steadily so just try to earn money slowly and you will earn"

I liked this post very much and it is very useful. Blog Adsense and Make Money- blog software.
This blogger seems very busy with plenty of blogs under his belt to maintain.

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