Friday, March 09, 2007

Audio editing tool for mutimedia pros.

Actually I was contemplating to buy the Subliminal Studio software that enables me to create my own custom made subliminal messages CDs. But there was one major catch; it comes with only the trial version of Adobe Audition which costs $350 for a registered version.

That is quite expensive-right?

So, I searched for anything that is equivalent to that. The search took for more time than I expected to spend but finally I landed on

This website has got every software that is required by internet people and here is one that I think will serve my purpose.

Ace of WAV 2.6 -
This say it is a sound editor and synthesizer and it is listed under 'Audio Editing Tools'.
Ace of WAV is a advanced sound editor and synthesizer with a friendly use interface. It's features include Trim, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste mix, Insert file, Mix files, Insert silence, Swap channels, Duplicate channel, Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bits, Echo, Hall reverb, Chapel reverb, Chamber reverb, Custom reverb, Virtual room and many others... Ace of WAV also includes a built-in OpenDSPTM development environment for the creation of your own plug-ins using the ActiveX Scripting language of your choice.

Frankly I don't know much about these glossaries but I think I can somehow manage to handle it.

But will it serve my purpose?


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