Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Your TV monitor may become obsolete.

This is just my opinion after I read the news in my local daily today that Microsoft will launch a new service later this month that allows customers to download movies and television programs through their Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

PC world also reports that the company has signed deals that allow it to sell or rent an initial 1000 hours of programming from CBS Broadcasting, Viacom's MTV Networks and Paramount Pictures, Turner Broadcasting System, Zuffa's Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

Look at this fantastic feature:
Movies will be available for rental and can be stored on the Xbox for up to 14 days, but once the movie starts playing the customer will have 24 hours in which to view it. The content will also be offered in high-definition format for an extra charge.

But movie lovers the world over will be sulking at this note that says the movies and TV programs will be available only in the U.S., at least initially.

The service will be available to Xbox Live subscribers from November.

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