Friday, November 10, 2006

Get your website a little push.

There is no denial of a fact that a website needs that extra push daily without fail.

Unfortunately many get frustrated due to want of knowledge. Getting your website reviewed and published in a blog or a forum with high page rank is extremely useful.

Here is one such service that does it for you.

Here is what is written there:
"In addition to having your website listed in our directory, you can also have your website reviewed right here within these pages. Website reviews will be concise and to the point. Your website review will contain a couple of paragraphs about your website and 3 or 5 links."

"YOU choose the keywords for your anchor text. YOU choose the pages we will link to. Deep links are perfectly acceptable! Each website review is written specifically for your website, so the content here will be unique. We also have installed several SEO-minded plugins, so your website review in these pages and your link in our directory are SEO friendly. Furthermore, your website review will remain in these pages for the life of the website. There is no renewal fee."

Go ahead and try it out and share your opinion here.

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