Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, the father of activity based costing.

Dr.Robert Kaplan is considered as the father of activity based costing and many top account executives look at him with awe and respect.

Acorn's innovative Consumption Driven Activity Based Costing is endorsed by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan.

Acorn's innovative Consumption Driven Activity Based Costing, provides for accurate, sustainable profitability analysis of hundreds or millions of customers.

One of the main but elusive goals of striving companies is 'customer profitability' analysis.
Acoron's Activity Based Costing (ABC) provides solution by accurately driving revenue, direct costs and indirect costs to every individual customer and segment based on the unique transactions of those customers and the services that those customers consume.

Company executives should be aware that Acorn does not use averages or rates that have been the source of inaccuracy and expense with traditional activity based costing.

Customer profitability solution:
• Identifies the profitability of every individual customer or segment and their profit drivers
• Empowers managers with drill down information to determine the processes that are driving customer
• Delivers executive level reporting to understand the profitability of customer segments in order to drive marketing, sales, channel and customer retention decisions
• Delivers income statement and cost driver reports for individual customers to support customer negotiations on terms such as such as number of deliveries, minimum order sizes, returns, payment terms and buying a more profitable product.

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