Saturday, November 11, 2006

Google’s algorithm is very complex.

So let me stay away from being too technical.(as if I am a techno savvy.)

But when you concentrate on optimizing your website and building link popularity, just remember a few basic details of Google’s algorithm.

There is also a very complex new algorithm that Google has been testing, Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI). LSI essentially determines how words are related to each other, such as how dog is related to cat.

Many people think this has to do with content on your own website but from our analysis it has more to do with the page that a link is coming from when it is hyperlinked to your website.

The factors that LSI looks at are the Title Tag and the textual content of the page that your link is on. Therefore it is becoming more important to increase link popularity by receiving links on different pages of different websites that have content that is similar to the content on your website.

Google also looks at the text that surrounds the link and determines how targeted that text is compared to the page that the link points to.

The algorithm also looks at the Title Tag of the page the link is on as well as important SEO factors such as H1 Tags and other META data.

I will stop here because I don’t want you to run away from my blog by stuffing you with so much in one sitting.

Take your time and go through the full article on how to increase link popularity, leisurely.

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