Thursday, April 27, 2017

How do we choose a perfume?

The perfume industry has evolved a lot; not on the variety of perfumes but on the perfume packaging.
Perfumes are still bought by people who are loyal to some brands and fragrances but even such loyalists are lured by stunning looking perfume bottles of all sizes and shapes.

In addition, even the color of perfumes in transparent bottles are made attractive. Gone are the days when only amber color liquids are stored in perfume bottles. I have seen even purple and violet color perfumes.

There are so many scent and fragrance varieties today due to stiff competition by the manufacturers of perfumes.

How do we choose one?
* by brand
* by price
* by fragrance
* by packaging

Let me explore some of the basic categories of perfumes and fragrances.

* Of course florals are the  choice of women. .
* Fruity perfumes and fragrances are also preferred by a majority
* Younger consumers are drifting towards the more modern oceanic scents. They are unusual and intense and give off a nautical impression. A great choice for warmer months due to their outdoor-ish nature.
* The oriental varieties have a strong spicy scent. A choice of this variety is usually very personal as they are usually reserved for special events
* A pleasant refreshing choice is brought out by the earthy types of perfumes. Older folks tend to prefer these as they are traditional and less bold.

If you are an open mind, you can try something different.every time you shop for perfume.

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