Thursday, May 04, 2017

Do you know the Value of Facebook Fan Page for Your Business?

Facebook – the buzz never stops these days, especially when it comes to current world affairs and politics. If that’s the case what it can and cannot do for your business? Well one thing is for certain. If you as a businessman are not taking advantage of Facebook fan pages, then you aren’t running your business in this century.  It is not an exaggeration mate.

Facebook offers both myriad groups an individual or a businessman can create and fan pages too but many have trouble determining which the right choice is. I too was at such confusion several years ago.

Facebook Business Pages were launched back in 2007 when Facebook noticed that people were attempting to connect brands in ways that didn’t work with the then Facebook structure. Since the inception of pages there’s been confusion due to overlapping of features of groups and pages.

Think of Facebook pages just as you would an individual’s profile. They can have friends, post pictures, and fans can post on the wall. Pages also show updates. It’s also what you want for your business.

You Facebook page will be most successful if your page is possible to encourage fans participation. It’s one thing to post updates, product information, etc. but it’s quite another to actually carry on a conversation with a fan. It’s been proven that those pages where there is a great deal of interaction do far better than those that are more one sided.

One can grow a fan page even faster by taking advantage of Facebook ads and linking them to ones page.  Making use of contests, coupons, and free stuff will induce interest and bring more people to your page.

Digital marketers are now measuring a brands success by measuring social media return on investment as against site traffic which was the measure of marketing success.

In a recent survey 20% of respondents felt Facebook had shown them a significant return on investment. That number is rapidly growing. Now is a good time for your business to get on board and learn the full value of a Facebook page.

For examples, look at some successful Facebook pages. They should certainly inspire to create your own Fan Page in FaceBook.
* Zappos
* iTunes
* Skittles
* McDonalds
* Harley Davidson

The sooner you recognize what a Facebook page can do for your business the sooner you’ll begin to enjoy the business growth, increased brand loyalty, greater market share, and increased revenue.

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