Thursday, April 06, 2017

Top 10 Nutrition Experts to Follow on Twitter.

Though the blog post was published in 2015, I still consider it as my favorite and I am sure many people in the web have bookmarked it.

I found it out while searching for the best tweets of highly regarded nutrition specialists from various countries. I included the word various countries because of different kinds of foods in different countries.

 I suppose now, the foods from around the world are now globally available. For example, sitting in my home town Bangalore, I can choose the high nutrition fish of Greenland!

Now, getting back to the blog post mentioned above, here it is: "The Top 10 Nutrition Experts .on Twitter..."

The blog post introduced each of the ten nutrition experts and why one should follow their tweets.

I quote below an example:
"Chris Kresser - follow @ChrisKresser

Why follow: Chris Kresser refers to himself as a healthy detective. In that spirit, he Tweets all sorts of timely health and nutrition information. He also has a pretty good sense of humor about some current health topics, so this account can be a lot of fun."

This short introduction made me look him up and read his contribution. I liked what I read.
His latest tweet is below:
Emerging research shows the Paleo diet outperforms “heart-healthy” diets.

Read that blog post and share with like minded people.

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