Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where can you buy authentic Bach music instruments?

I am an ardent fan of concerts that are orchestrated with ultimate passion. However, if you ask me the various instruments that are played in a classical music concert, I may not name all of them except some of the older ones that include Bach instruments which are manufactured with very high precision. BTW, do you know that one can buy new Bach trumpets and its accessories at, one of the few places to buy authentic music instruments in the world?

I grew up listening to some of the wonderful classical music of India and that’s why I find myself difficult to turn my ears to modern music.  Nevertheless, I developed a liking for western classical only in the late 70s when a travel companion in a train journey gifted a cassette in return for my offer a bottle of COKE. He was a young Aussie travelling all over the world by working at places of halt.

My favorite music instrument is Veena and sitar and of course trumpet played by highly acclaimed artists in the early 60s. I am sad that modern music instruments pushed several of the older ones into near oblivion.

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