Thursday, June 18, 2015

Buy an Anuenue Ukuele online. Discount sale is on.

I spotted a small bunch of high school children carrying their anuenue Ukueles in the campus I am living. It certainly was an odd sight because I thought the Hawaiian music instrument has not yet come to India. Obviously I was wrong.

In ancient Indian literature, ‘lute’ a musical instrument similar to Ukuele is mentioned but it is not seen on stages any more.

I approached one of the children and asked who teaches them Ukuele. I was surprised to hear the word, ‘YouTube’ from him. I appreciated their learning attitude.

Back to my computer desk, I did a small research on the cost of anuenue brand of Ukueles in India and found out that the cheapest is sold online for just Rs.3447/- 

See the image below. It is supposed to be an American pride though manufactured by a Hawaiian based firm.
Anuenue Ukuele

If you wish to buy this Ukuele online, be sure to buy from an authentic music instruments shop than from any other online shopping sites.

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