Saturday, June 20, 2015

What is the real reason behind Tossing and Turning in bed?

So, you have this habit of tossing and turning on your bed and sleep refuses to envelop you-right? That’s why you are reading this short blog post.

This popular condition doesn’t spare anyone. When it happens, we invariably find fault with the bed. Why does this happen?

This tossing on the bed and unable to sleep peacefully is really not the result of you not being comfortable; it's the result of you not feeling relaxed.


Actually, sleep means our mind wants to relax by shutting down all channels of myriad thoughts from entering it. True relaxation comes from within you, and has to be triggered by your inner thought process.


Brood on something that would make you happy.

Examine your thoughts; narrow down on to which that really bothers you. You are worried about the outcome of something. Visualize a positive outcome of the same and imagine how you will feel when that happens.

You will start to doze off within minutes.

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