Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can you submit the same article to several websites?

The most common question that an avid internet marketer faces is if he submits an article to one article directory and repeat it to other article directories, will he be penalized by the might Google? Will it be considered as duplicate content?

I would say ‘NO’ to the above two questions.

As long as the content is yours and you wrote it uniquely, and if you don’t change the body of the content, the, you need worry about duplicate content.

However, I would change the title slightly to attract a different set of eyes.

In the past I did this professionally for third parties and found it to be an efficient way to advertise product or services, be it yours or of a third party.

Writing your bio:
At the end of the article, when you write your short bio, think hard to come with click worthy content and use the right keyword to advertise your product or service.  Read several others’ articles and scroll down to the bio. If you are compelled to click on the link in the bio, then, make it as your model.

Remember, article marketing is all about publishing useful information and a little bit of advertising. 

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