Monday, September 15, 2014

Opticians-are you listening?

I came back empty handed from my shopping today at the Forum Mall in Bangalore. I went to buy a few things including a pair of sun glasses for my husband but none on the display racks were attractive. May be the display itself was not done consumer friendly.

I think sunglasses display  should be done with the third eye; I mean from the customer’s eye . The problem with most of the shop owners in big malls is, they end up getting satisfied without ever asking for genuine feedback from the actual visitors to the shop.

If you wish to sell sunglasses, then it could be as easy as buying sunglass racks and letting people decide, but while you’re at it you, should make the job even easier to the client.  

If you place your sunglass racks facing the entry point of your store, then you hope that the customer was searching for sunglasses to begin with. Customers are more conscious of what they buy when entering a store than when they are leaving, with that mind, if you decide to go with this approach, you will attract customers that came to your store for sunglasses (among other things.)  I would recommend this method if the prices of your sunglasses are higher than normal, as you will not attract as many impulsive buyers as the second approach.

I would recommend a rotating rack which is easy for customers to easily reach out for the one that is placed on the far end of the rack without the help of the salesman.

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