Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to adjust to the aging mind.

I was casually browsing the book shelf under ‘self development’ shelf. I came across a book titled, “Adjusting to aging mind”.

I flipped through and was aghast. The book is written for aging people! I thought it should have been written for the young people who actually find it tough to adjust to minds of the aged people in their home.

What do you say?

You cannot keep harassing elders to adjust to the whims and fashions of the younger generation. Haven’t they been doing exactly that all these years? Now, it is the responsibility of their growing children to adjust to their parents and other elders in their family.

 "Your memory may be less efficient," Park says, "but your knowledge about how to do it may be better” says Dr. Denise C. Park, director of the Roybal Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Illinois.

Youth are annoyed that the elders cannot remember important daily tasks to be carried in their absence.

That book I glanced motivated me to write a book meant for young people teaching them how to adjust t the aging minds.

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