Monday, January 06, 2014

Are you about to become an heir to estates?

It is a well known fact that lawyers lack sense of humor; I accept a few exceptions here and there. I am not offending any particular lawyer but you know, these pointless arguments pop up unobtrusively and the case is always closed without the need for a judge. (Smile)

I remember reading somewhere in the Internet, “Lawyers often think that the jokes are not funny, and non-lawyers fail to understand that they are not jokes”.

In our group of friends, one aspired to be a lawyer and that too she wanted to specialize on inheritance rights just because her family too was a victim in one such prolonged inheritance case.

We were all surprised when she kept her up her promise and dorned the black lawyer gowns a few years later. She soon started appearing in inheritance cases involving celebrities.

After a long time, we met at my house once. We heard several outrageous stories. She then shared her knowledge about probate advance. It is a sort of advance cash assistance to the expected beneficiaries of a will and this made her work less stressful because her clients were temporarily relaxed.

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