Monday, January 27, 2014

Wealth building plan offered by ING bank.

ING bank’s subsidiary “Share Builder”, is wealth building plan to all of us. I think it’s a once in a life time automatic investment plan and will build our wealth over a period of time.

They are offering two different plans of share investment; one is automatic investing and the other is real time investing. In both the type of investment plans, one can choose different pricing schemes. There is also a low cost affordable pricing for those who would like to enter with just $4.

I liked the idea of automatic investment scheme where I can just add stocks to my plan, and enter the dollar amount I want to invest for each of the stocks I choose. Another advantage is the liberty offered to schedule my time of investment like a fixed date, or in varying frequencies of days.

Here comes the most attractive aspect of this automatic investment plan-the choice of funding. We are offered four different options to fund our account.

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