Monday, December 02, 2013

Is Internet useful or harmful?

This is a much debated topic especially in third world countries where parents who still live in an era they were born and refuse to accept contemporary cultures however convenient they may be.
Some parents while embracing Internet and smart phones in their life don’t agree when their children do the same.

Very biased-eh?

There is widespread opinion that young generation doesn’t read books, journals, magazines and newspapers these days.  I wonder really why should they if they have excellent possibilities to find everything necessary on-line. Except information, you can find a lot of other different things that can widen your outlook. 

You can visit Louver gallery with famous Mona Lisa, sitting comfortably in your armchair in front of computer screen.

You can also order different services. If you log on to Internet you can purchase anything you can imagine. Just clicking a right button, you can order term paper or pizza, or tickets to a rock concert. Your term paper order will be done easily; pizza will be tasty and day - just wonderful due to Internet services.

Internet without doubt is a blessing for those who have no time and opportunities to go shopping. Besides commercial part of Internet one can also find a wide range of ways of communication. You can chat; use ICQ, instant messengers or an e-mail.  

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