Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am again ditched.

I was shocked at the behaviour of my maid which was highly indignant. The way she replied to my questions was very odd. She was never like this over the years and I thought she was rather impolite.

Actually, she is well educated and employed too in a secretarial firm. She visits our neighborhood once a week to help 3 families with odds and bits.

I hired her to organize my files and papers which used to be in mountains at the end of Saturday. I am actually paying her for my untidiness.

The weekly help abruptly stopped coming without any notice. When communicated over phone, she said she won’t be resuming her weekly trip since she is now on her own. I was surprised as I know that she is a regular visitor to several payday loans online resources.

On further prodding, she said she started her virtual secretarial service and she is now happy that she need not depend on payday loans henceforth.

Hmm… what a lady!

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