Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Get your full guitar set including amplifier at throw away price now.

When I saw him coming in lugging a large bag, I thought he was carrying his cricket gears. He is my son’s friend, a Norwegian. I casually asked him what his favorite brand of cricket bat. He blinked for a few seconds before replying that he doesn’t play cricket but guitar.

Ah, I then realized what he was carrying in a bag that looked similar to the ones carried by cricketers. Before I talked again, he opened his bag to take out a guitar that looked real sleek and guitar cable that connects his guitar to an amplifier.

He informed me that these days, a professional guitar player buy a full set of equipments that consist of all the above and the amplifier. Of course the guitar picks are also included in the rogue rocketeer electric guitar pack redburst that costs only $120.

Yes, you read it right, the $120 is for all the above accessories and the sleek guitar.

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