Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cozy shredded foam beds for cats.

I was dumbfounded when I saw two tier bunker memory foam cat beds in a furniture show sometime back. Initially, I laughed out loudly because I wondered which baby can crawl up the ladder to lie down. When I realized I made a scene, I bent down to pick up the brochure that said it is a pet bed.

OMG, the pet products have really come a long way-isn’t it? We have really cared for the cats and dogs and treat them on par with us. Just a worn out cotton cushion for cats have made way for special beds made of shredded foam! Wow! The sleep loving cats must love them.

Pets, especially cats look so cuddly when they are found sound asleep on beds exclusively made for them. I never had a pet in my house though I used to feed stray cats that came in hungry once in a way. May be if I place a foam cat bed in the porch, I could invite a cat.

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