Friday, September 27, 2013

Desserts after lunch in South Africa.

It was a lively get together yesterday with middle aged South African woman from Bloemfontein.  

When we treated our friend from South Africa to a lunch yesterday, we decided to make our traditional Akkara adisal and serve it as a dessert. After she swallowed a spoonful of it, her face lit up brightly. The mixture of hot ghee and jaggery is so heavenly delicious.

In South Africa, the desserts after lunch included malva pudding made of Apricot fruit. She told a few more desserts that were all unheard of by us. For example, do you know that Dom Pedro which is an ice cream with a little drop of milk and a shot of your favourite whiskey? It seems liquor is one of the ingredients in South African desserts.

Another sweet delicacy is called “koeksisters”, a sort of pastries. Another favourite of theirs is a spongy cake called “ystervarkies”, dunked in a homemade chocolate sauce, rolled in coconut!  Hmmm… sounds so sweet.


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