Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My impending online tuition.

I know I am irregular in updating this blog of late. Due to frequent visits to Bangalore and the series of festival holidays I'm trying to keep my head above the paperwork that's on my office.Oh, have I turned a glorified clerk instead of an academician?

The schools have reopened today after the Dasera holidays and I have to rush through the portions. In the meanwhile, I have to take several trials for my new online classes venture with Idrew.com software. It seems easy to use, rather easier than webex platform.

I found I have to purchase better audio accessories as my current set is not very effective. When I complete the trial, I have to advertise my online tuition vigorously. I intend to use my husband's social media marketing expertise. I was inspired by a vegetable seller's success in utilizing his services through Facebook advertising.

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